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Join us for our 1st Coursework Connection with presenter, Katie Strong, Assistant Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Central Michigan University.


Engaging in Evidence-Based Pedagogy: Our Behavior Matters
This webinar will showcase evidence-based teaching pedagogy as used in a graduate level speech-language pathology course titled: The Engaged Clinician: Our Behavior Matters.  We will explore the behind the scenes experience of one faculty member who taught a 2-credit, 1-week intensive summer course.  First, we will visit the inspiration for course, Janice Fialka’s Parents and Professional Partnering for Children with Disabilities and peer-reviewed articles on clinical engagement. Then we’ll explore active-learning activities embedded in the course such as creating a community, learning together, reflection, perspective taking, author guest lectures, class-based discussions. Finally we’ll explore what this experience was like from both the student and faculty perspective. You’ll walk away with at least 2-take away ideas for your own classes. Hope you’ll join us for this Coursework Connections webinar.

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December 10, 2018

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